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Inside the Technicolour World of the Buttigieg Kids

Hailing from down under.

“All children love to wear colours.”

Looking at her three kids today, it’s hard to imagine that mum of three, Catherine Buttigieg, dressed herself in head-to-toe black since she was a teenager. The tipping point arrived, however, when she had her first son, Robin, who made her feel a whole new kind of love that she had never felt before.

“I did initially buy all-black clothes for him, but he made me feel so happy I couldn’t bear to dress him in all-black,” she explained. “When I dressed him in colourful prints and patterns, it made me feel joyful, so it continued over the years.”

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These days, she captures Robin, Felix, and Clementine in a dizzying array of prints, patterns, and colour for over 22,500 followers on Instagram.

“My children have very strong personalities and dressing in their colourful styles compliments them. They wear the clothes rather than vice versa,” she added. “My children say they feel confident and happy when they wear bright colourful fashions!”