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Community Spotlight:

Meet the Kuwaiti DJ taking over dance floors in Dubai.

Part of the acclaimed Radio AlHara family, Cascou regularly shuttles between Kuwait and Dubai for crowd-pulling gigs at venues that span fine dining establishments to invite-only fashion parties. Similar to his eclectic past-meets-present groovy mixes, his personal style is a modern take on the louche heydays of the Seventies. Get to know the man behind the decks below.

"I enjoy striking a chord with themes of nostalgia."


“There’s a similarity between the records I play and Gucci’s musical direction. Gucci is inspired by a lot of retro references and vintage details, which mirror my musical taste and personal style. I enjoy striking a chord with themes of nostalgia from a time I never knew whilst keeping it playful and fun.“


“The evolution of my style can be seen through my eyewear collection, which is filled with different kinds of styles and sizes. Whether it’s oversized, lightweight acetate, or classic metal frames, sunglasses last me for a good four or five years until they eventually get nicked off me at a rave.“