To celebrate and welcome the auspicious month of Ramadan, Level Shoes collaborates with Tamashee to recreate the in-store space around a form of abstract art that consists of intricate shapes formed into murals, called Al-Qatt. Originating from the southern province of Saudi Arabia, the murals depict geometric patterns that suggest a narrative of significant life experiences.

The Al-Qatt artwork often times denotes the landscape, plants and animals of the region, and is most-often carried out by women who haven’t had any formal training in the skill. Originally, the artwork was crafted from natural dyes that were either regionally sourced or acquired through means of trade, historically resulting in the predominant use of the colours red, yellow, blue, green and white. 

Typically performed on interior walls, staircases and on home goods, Al-Qatt is also commonly used as a form of decoration during festive occasions, such as Ramadan and Eid. The exterior of homes and alley ways are also embellished by the vibrant craftsmanship to commemorate this month's significance.

Building on the traditions of the Al-Qatt art, Level Shoes integrates the Ramadan spirit of visiting people’s homes with a showcasing of traditional artwork to create a story and feeling that is relevant to GCC culture and identity. Also a time of reflection and learning, an exposure to Al-Qatt during the Holy Month offers an educational component to the overall artistic and expressive experience.

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