Counsellor by day, fashion and beauty blogger by night, Noor Elkhaldi of blog ‘Heels and Ting’ is a Floridian accessory connoisseur. Rarely seen without her statement sunglasses, Noor’s style is classic with a twist. Describing her primary aesthetic as eclectic with heavy music influences, Noor believes in wearing what she likes and what makes her feel good. 

Starting her blog in 2013 on a love for fashion, Noor supports individuality and experimentation with personal style. Influencers that she admires include Caroline Vreeland, Courtney Trop and Dana Hourani, women she finds empowered and all-round amazing.

A selection of her favourite pair of shoes feature Dries Van Noten’s crinkled metallic leather block-heel boots and Saint Laurent Rock 40 ankle boots. Perfecting the rock'n'roll vibe, both boot styles are made to comfortable silhouettes – ideal for long, fashionable outings. Noor’s current favourite designer is the Italian shoe connoisseur Gianvito Rossi, looking to his styles for everything from classic to edgy.

When it comes to her outfits, Noor opts for classic black as her colour of choice. To offset the neutral shade, she grounds her ensembles with a statement shoe to bring the look together. Noor enjoys keeping her shoes, and bags, centre-focus when styling herself. 

To conclude our time with Noor, we asked her what the phrase ‘Forever Young,’ means to her and her concise response was, Bob Dylan. 

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