In celebration of sneaker culture, Level Shoes introduces its latest campaign Sneakers Anonymous, a curated contemporary space which honours the adored staple of casual fashion. The campaign translates into a new designer sneaker wall in Level, housing exclusive styles from Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci and Ermenegildo Zegna. Sneaker culture has transcended gender and age and become in itself, a trend. In collaborative efforts to launch Sneakers Anonymous and serve that trend, Level Shoes has teamed up with some of the most renowned sneaker collectors in the region.

Originally from Bahrain, and based between Dubai and California, Mohamed Al Safar is a self-proclaimed sneakerhead and his passion for collecting sneakers is fueled by his two homes. He emphasises the reality of building a sneaker collection as far from easy. With an endless dedication to researching launch dates and releases of the latest kicks, Mohamed Al Safar constantly works at staying up to date with new styles and the must-haves. His dedication to sneakers comes from his firm conviction that if you sleep on the game for even a single day, you could potentially miss out on a grail.

Q: When did you start your sneaker collection?

A: "I started collecting 10 years ago...Before that, I wouldn't even hang on to the boxes. Now, it's become an addiction!"

Q: Do you have a sneaker ritual?

A: "Whenever I buy a pair of sneakers that I want to wear, I have to double-up on them. The ritual is, one to rock and one to stock.'"

Q: Does your social media help inspire you?

A: "My social media does inspire me a lot. I have many friends and fans that look up to me, and they inspire me to grow my collection and to continue on with what I'm doing."