Starting a career in the fashion world completely by chance, Candice Lake entered the line of industry by modeling for designers like Chanel, Fendi and Louis Vuitton, and shooting campaigns for Ralph Lauren. A few years into modelling, whilst in between shots on a Harper's Bazaar shoot, Candice asked the photographer if she could assist on his next shoot and that’s how she began working with fashion photographers, transitioning to the other side of the camera. 

When someone looks at your photography, what do you want them to know about you? Is there a common thread running through your work?

I love a lot of movement and energy in my work, and for everything to pop off the page.  I usually shoot on location and love having the model in situ, so you really get a sense of the location.  I am extremely lucky that I work with brands that I believe in, and that the process is entirely collaborative - making it both inspiring and fresh.

Which artists or photographers would you say have most influenced your work over the years?

I love Alec Soth,Gillian Wearing, Sophie Calle and Williams Eggleston.  I am also inspired by the contemporary fashion photographers Emma Summerton and Camilla Akrans.

What’s your dream assignment? 

I am already living my dream assignments. I think that waking up and genuinely being excited about doing something that you love and are passionate about – whilst making a living doing it -  is the ultimate dream. 

As you know our campaign is called Forever Young, what would you say that phrase means to you, personally?

Curiosity is the fountain of youth, if your mind stays curious, and your eyes are hungry to explore, you will certainly be forever young.  I love the quote “The eye must travel so the mind can see.”  I think it is important to stay present and curious,to put down the phone and to step away from the computer.  Youth is a state of mind, not an age. 

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