Level Shoes presents ‘Another World’, a fully immersive 360-campaign introducing the Spring Summer season with a vision to elevate both store design and customer experience. Beyond the store transformation, SS19’ is introduced through striking images and videos captured through the lens of the Another World theme inspired by fluid movement, grand landscapes and artistic expression. 

The Women’s Designer area will be inspired by the element ‘Earth’, with the use of natural, earthy tones and materials of wood, stones and pebbles. Columns clad in delicate copper and surrounded by raw rock clusters will transform the area into a glamorous earthly world.

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The Men’s Designer section will be transformed into the element ‘Water’ as part of this campaign, with mirrors, indoor plants, smooth textures, icy tones and water projections elevating this key area into an oceanic atmosphere representing water.

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Feel the heat in the Women’s Contemporary department of Level Shoes as the third key area will be transformed visually to represent ‘Fire’. With textures and materials inspired by lava, granite, basalt and volcanic forms, customers are invited to step into a fiery and passionate world which is fueled by its element, fire.

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Lastly, Level Shoes’ Trends area will represent ‘Air’ in this season’s Another World concept. Evident by the use of white and lightweight fabrics, shrink-wrapped objects and design visuals inspired by ever-changing transient design forms, this season’s Trends department feels like walking on air. 

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